I gave this book a five star rating because it is so relevant for today. Everyone needs to read this book. This is a book about a courageous mother who goes to any links to protect her son from death. It happens that this mother is a bookstore owner in Acapulco who is a target of a drug cartel. She does not know who she can trust so she goes as underground as she can get and begins a journey to the US as a migrant. She meets other migrants from other parts of Latin America. This is their story.

This book puts a human face on what is, for many Americans, just a political talking point. The reader learns so many things about a migrant's journey to the US that we never think about. The book is not easy reading at time. In fact, it is riveting but it kept me up a night. Usually, I read to relax before I go to sleep. But after reading the book I could not sleep. I would lay there and think about what Lydia was going through. I would think about the other migrants she meets. I would think about who might be a member of the cartel and revealing her location. I read this book in five days because I could not put it down.

I am not suggesting any solutions nor does the book. You need to read the author's note at the end. She talks about her grandmother's experiences in the '40s as an immigrant and her husband's journey to get a green card. I hope the reader comes away from reading this with more information than they had before.

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