VERY GOOD 1953 Hollywood Technicolor musical - 'The world is a stage; a stage is the world'.
Fred Astaire was 55 at time, and a lady never seen before by me, or possibly just can't remember, beautiful, leggy (love those swirling pleated dance dresses) Cyd Charisse was only 31. Romantic age difference is a big part of the film plot.
I remember her name, but don't think I'd seen talented Nanette Fabray before either. Scottish singer/actor/dancer Jack Buchanan added a lot, too.
It does seem that the overall plot just thinly holds together the high quality dance/stage performances throughout the film's running time.
I particularly enjoyed the early 'A Shine on Your Shoes' number. Other fun performances include 'That's Entertainment', the great staged duet Dance in the Park midway in the Astaire/Charisse horse buggy ride, and the black top hat/cane duet with Fred and Buchanan near end.
It was a little slow in the beginning, but gathered speed and increasingly captured my attention at it continued through it's 111 minutes.
Well worth a watch!!!


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