I am really enjoying the Fate of the Jedi series. Its quite interesting and has a lot of depth to it. I personally never cared much for the star wars movies but am a fan of the Jedi Knight PC games.
The only issue I have with these novels is that they are written by 3 different people. The problem with this is that the characterization for certain characters changes dramatically based on who is writing the particular novel. Plus there are even huge plot holes.
The previous novel had Luke skywalker and his son Ben chase the lone sith girl Vestara to a planet and try and capture her there. Not once in the entire novel did Ben skywalker view or think of Vestara as anything but a dirty and treacherous Sith, someone to be wary of. I kind of expected at one point that he might comment on if the girl is hot or if he is attracted to her as they are both 15 years old. Though never once does that happen, Ben is all business and knows she is a Sith full of lies.
Then in this novel in the first chapter Ben is all Gaga over Vestara. He is constantly thinking about how hot she is and how he is attracted to her and that shes not a bad girl, even though she has up to that point shown nothing but treachery and lies to them. It feels really forced and completely arbitrary. I am sure that someone made a last minute decision to have Ben and Vestara fall for each other and this direction was never reflected in the previous novel.

Then there's the plot hole of Vestara and the sith knowing that Jedi Knights are going crazy and the sith claiming that their knights are also going crazy (when their not), so how about the sith and the skywalkers team up?
I am pretty such I don't recall any point in the past novels where Vestara was told of the young Jedi going crazy.
Maybe I missed it but I am pretty certain it never happened.

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