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LCPL_Cindy rated a title May 26 2021
LCPL_Cindy made a comment May 23 2021
"Relatable for sure! Cute and sometimes cringey when the tales hit too close to home. Having worked in my current library circulation position for almost four years, I have experienced or witnessed every situation he described with the exception of..." Permalink
LCPL_Cindy created a list May 20 2021
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Hollywood and Horror

"Thanks to their low budgets, horror films are generally profitable, which has long made them a Hollywood staple. Now, at a time when Hollywood is more desperate than ever to find risk-averse ways to reach audiences who are more comfortable kicking..."
LCPL_Cindy made a comment May 20 2021
"McClure is truly obsessed with all things Laura and Little House. She had me laughing out loud in the beginning but by the end I only felt bad for her long-suffering and eternally patient boyfriend. As a child I, too, read the books and also watch..." Permalink
LCPL_Cindy rated a title May 20 2021
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