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mko123 made a comment Jun 02 2021
"What could a potato have to do with five, separate, lonely teens who just want to fit in and belong somewhere? Does the ghost/missing girl have the answer to their predicaments? And what does the old, rich white couple have to do with anything? Th..." Permalink
mko123 added a title to their For later shelf May 27 2021
Five white teenage cousins who are struggling with the failures and racial ignorance of their dysfunctional parents and their wealthy grandparents reunite for Easter.
mko123 made a comment May 11 2021
"This is an urgent, heart-felt call to action . Don Lemon is a brilliant writer and researcher who documents some our most depraved actions as well as our finest moments as a nation struggling against itself. Lemon harkens back to James Baldwin's..." Permalink
mko123 rated a title May 11 2021
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mko123 made a comment Apr 27 2021


Blu-ray Disc - 2021
"Is this classic colonialism taking over American lands? And what about the nod to Amazon that it seems to give? I have very mixed feeling about this picture. I do not know if I feel it is really Oscar worthy or not." Permalink
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