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Writing Gordon Lightfoot

the Man, the Music, and the World in 1972
Oct 21, 2018ownedbydoxies rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Weird .... and also excellent. This is not your typical biography! But, in my opinion, that's actually a good thing. Basically, Bidini focusses on one week in 1972, the week before the Mariposa Folk Festival. His approach is scatter-shot with references of various Canadian and world events happening in '72, during that week in particular, and asides to Lightfoot himself, who evidently has a long-standing dislike of Bidini (who's also a musician, from roughly the same era... sort of...) Anyway, I really enjoyed the book! But I can see where others would be disappointed, thinking they were going to read a regular bio about Lightfoot as a kid, and his parents and hometown, and how he became the icon he is.... this is NOT that kind of book, but if you are interested in something a lot more seat-of-the-pants, you might want to try this take on '72, Lightfoot, a bunch of other musicians, times past, etc..