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Feb 26, 2021gillescoughlan rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Because of the number of people who had placed a hold on the book, I was only able to read it after Alex Trebek had passed away. Timing worked out to my advantage, though, as I finished the book on the Friday that his last Jeopardy! episode was broadcast. The stories about his childhood and youth are interesting, and a number of funny annectodes from all periods of his life are recalled. But what I found interesting, and what elevated the book for me, is when you get to the end, when Alex is fully aware that he is dying. A sense of a man at peace with his mortality emergences. He's accepted the outcome, and does not fear it, as he is happy with the life he lived. The conclusion of the book, when he describes how he would like his life to ultimately end, touches on the poetic