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May 02, 2021LucyBo rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
Really disappointed with this book, since I liked another of hers. Turns out this book is not about relationships, not how a marriage falls apart or how a person can build a life. It devolves into a book-long political lecture. Woman badly mistreated by her family because she is not as pretty. She falls in love with the first man who gives her attention. ( she forgot how babies are made) No real explanation why he did not extend any effort at all to build a life. Not much good description of the dust bowl, the 1930's depression or how people coped. Just a lecture telling us that the only way to solve problems is to revolt, fight and demand socialism I am so tired of the of ALL the media reviewers heaping praise on only the books with a certain political agenda. This book was plain boring. The main character was not likable in the least. Books are now recommended for political reasons, ignoring story plot or characters.