May 11, 2021jimtroeltsch rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This is an incredible piece of journalism, where the voices of the subjects speak so much louder than usual because you are looking them in the face on the page. Like a lot of good stories, it left me with even more questions. This book tells a story that may be centuries old; but it is one that is still unfinished. The art is stark and beautiful, and the colourless pages seem to fit perfectly for the setting. It's a book that left me hopeful for a people who have suffered so much. In some ways it tells a hyper specific story about a small group of people with a great diversity of answers for their own problems, but there is a universality in this book too, where I was left evaluating my own relationship to the land, to authority and to other peoples who don't share my western-centric worldview.