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Feb 05, 2010joseph rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Good - Polytechnique (2009) 77 min. Filmed in black & white, Polytechnique tells the real-life story of Marc Lepine’s psychotic rampage through the classrooms of the University of Montreal targeting women because of his ire with feminists. I never thought someone would actually re-enact this heinous event in Canadian history but now that it’s done, it does add some understanding of who Marc Lepine was and the events that took place at that particular school [note – Lepine’s name is never mentioned in the film]. I couldn’t help but wonder how the parents of these women must've felt like watching this film [which apparently they did and approved the final cut]. The film is disturbing in terms of mood set by the director and the eventual horror we, as the viewer, know will take place shortly. I had hoped that the film would’ve delved deeper into the aftermath of the shootings with respect to how the survivor’s felt and how they got on with their lives - this aspect was only briefly touched upon.