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Have you heard of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory?’ ‘Near Knoxville. Where they develop the supercomputers?’ ‘They do many things there. Supercomputing is one of them. Another is cyber security. The United States is facing a lot of threats. We have a lot of defensive programs running. And the Russians have an agent in place who’s attempting to steal a copy of the most critical one. Its official name is project C02WW06BHH21.’ ‘Snappy name.’ ‘Only the geeks call it that. Everyone else calls it The Sentinel.’ === It’s been running for years. On social media. Conspiracy theories. Attempts to undermine the mainstream media.’ ‘Fake news? I’ve heard about that.’ ‘This time they’re specifically trying to erode faith in the election system itself. We know they’re serious. They already had a dry run four years ago, in Kentucky. What happened was, on election day, they sent out a phishing email.